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If you are here for licensing music please use the contact form, if your here because you want to find out about our roster and latest info then you need to head on over to NJC Music. We don’t actively promote our catalogue through this site and all inquiries should be directed through the contact form.

Licensing and Sync

We work very closely with Just Another Music Supervisor (UK Jams) and together we supply music for sync and licensing in the media. UK Jams will be able to liaise with you regarding our terms and rate card, they can make the whole process smooth and hassle free so get in touch for more info. info(at)

Got a question?

Please use the contact form if you want to get in touch. We aim to respond within 48hrs so if you’ve not heard from us within this time frame then your question cannot be answered immediately or we were not able to help you. We don’t respond to all emails.

MZone Publishing is part of the NJC Music group of companies.

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